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We expect you can obtain all the responses to your automotive questions.

Feel free to look at the subcategories to learn the decisive vehicle material like original fitment details, sizing info, graphs, DIY tips, shopping tips, as well as working suggestions.

Our data source is somewhat vast and differed to welcome all types of applicable facts.

We do all this daily grind of rounding up together with tidying vehicle insight with one thing in heart.

Which is building up a sincerely very helpful project that encourages vehicle fans throughout the world and gives momentous insights whenever they need to find it.

Mission Statement

Our initiative is to achieve an internet resource that manages all the principal things a would owner can think up having to do with this specific niche. We desire to come to be a web ally you would most likely ask for a piece of instructions dealing with patching technical troubles, replacing tools, along with dreaming of an upgrade.

There is still a long journey to go but every moment takes us closer to realizing that milestone.

We continuously work on growing and cultivating our vehicle database by introducing unique smart benefits, editing facts on vehicle versions and even trim levels, and also making fresh sections.

At this time, you can unearth some helpful tips and tricks on our online resource:

  • auto measurements by make, model, and even year,
  • smart ideas and skills you can take,
  • notions perfect for different models as well as trims,
  • do-it-yourself, servicing, deciding upon, alternative, and also troubleshooting manuals.
As long as we would undoubtedly enjoy that to happen, our web project can not make you the genuine auto mechanics superstar.

That being said, it will doubtlessly save you a great deal of hassle on online research as well as help you dodge bad issues.

Largely such challenges begin from inappropriate sizing or incompatibility, and that is mostly why we supported our guidelines with cool graphs full of specs for every model, year, and also trim.
There is hardly something like a one-fits-all concept among auto components and trimmings.

If you are skeptical regarding something that caught your eye don't put off coming by our website to check out if that product fits your vehicle.

Our online resource was established entirely for descriptive goals.

We seek to make practical knowledge easy to locate and easy to perceive.

We do not offer items or solutions, this is not our end goal.

All we need is bestowing reliable knowledge on the subject that can likely be very helpful to our guests.

Reasons to trust us

We have certainly been becharmed with the industry for quite a while operating in the automotive market.

As a consequence over that time, we gained valuable skills and mastery.

Further, we don't plan to pause.

Hence, our quest, as well as investigation, hardly ends.

Our central providers of ideas are all trustworthy organizations, creators, and also technicians.

And yet that does not imply that we take all the details for granted.

With an avalanche of points originating from all angles, we have concocted our distinct fact-checking proceedings to filter every word attentively.

Information suppliers

To meet our pledges, we merely refer to sites and handbooks released by reliable companies like

  • official auto makers' web pages
  • accredited auto and transport groups run by the governing administration
  • datasheets and info by manufacturers.
Just some of our important information is generated by the people who chose to provide their understanding.

It is routinely tagged as "user-generated information."

We incredibly praise your willingness to share your expertise as well as recommendations with the readers.

Our Values

We stand by our "set of rules" that dictates how we work with the task and even correspondence:

  • User experience comes first.
  • Accurate specs are the cornerstone of our project.
  • Spam-free. Appreciate the individuals and their time.
  • Validity is essential to quality.
  • " Users first" is the tactic of every post.
  • Not harm.

About me

This project thrives because of our wonderful group led by Mark Perez, the founder.

He launched this web project as a way to share his lifelong passion for cars with the automotive community.

As a car and truck enthusiast as well as a mechanic devotee, he has been messing with vehicles since he was 21 when he earned his first auto - an old Ford Mustang.

He is a well-versed vehicle technician.

He knows his way around the garage. His detailed awareness together with years of business in the sector assists him to offer material that is both accurate and understandable.

Earning Money

Because we are not showcasing items or solutions, our online site earns an income from media advertisements as well as references.

We can gain a small commission if people choose to buy a part after following a partner link. At no extra cost.

And yet, we do not sell off those references as well as do not take money from companies to advocate for their goods on our blog.

Get in Touch

Our approach is to bestow openness along with shared respect.

Please feel free to consult with us through the feedback form for requests.

You can similarly leave your opinion and ideas.

We do our finest to react in time to everyone.